WHo we are

We are stronger together
Our Story

Somethings are meant to happen and we call it ‘magic’.

Let’s picture a group of friends with young minds and a head full of dreams who started trekking their expedition to witness the change. This simply tells about our team LoonyHeads.

The year 2020 always remains as the year the world stood still, but not for us. It is the year in which we made our realities. We are a flock of MBA graduates from Ireland, as an upshot of craving for desire and long term aspiration set out a revolutionary startup from scratch intending to empower the existing notions and motions of the current marketing system

Business is for everyone. It’s our pursuit to break the clutches and reach out the possibilities into the hands of small local businessmen in affordable and accessible ways.

Foreseeing the right moment of opportunity and potential of this up growing culture of digital marketing in our society among traders, we have committed to benchmark our signature. Our team is endowed with some individual heads of vivid thoughts and crazy insights for accomplishing today’s business, and as well as tomorrow’s.

WHat Matters to us

Affordability and Reliability are our key concern in doing business. It encourage more SME's to dive into digital marketing infrastructure.


Empowering small businesses using our tested and proven strategies and presenting them to the online world. Later, Helping them to adapt online sales infrastructure.


Bringing our ideas together to encourage more SME's for adoption of digital advertising culture to our local business community. Later, Providing all terms digital advertising infrastructure to our clients and other small businesses.


Absolute transparency to our clients are our utmost priority. All of our processes are fully auditable and scalable. We are committed to hold our core values which keeps us to grow along with you.

Affordable Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala

Requirements Gathering

Affordable Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala

Planning and Analysis

Affordable Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala


How we make things happen

We Can Handle Your Business growth

When thinking of everything to be done and how it needs to be done perfectly! We have figured it out with Planning, Analysis, and Publish.

Accomplishment and perfection must go parallel in all of its terms. We make certain about your needs and we organize it to be done perfectly.

we are real

Meet Our Heads

Team member-Affordable Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala

Rakesh Vellathur

Co-Founder/Ads Operations Specialist

Rahul Vellathur

Co-Founder/Digital Media Strategist

Midhun Viswanath

Co-Founder/Social Media Manager

Samyuktha Gargi

Content Manager

Anjana PK

Digital Marketer

Farzin Nalakath

Graphic Designer

Naveen Raj

Digital Marketing Manager

Nadeem Muhammed

SEO Specialist

Vineetha RK

Content Writer

Anu Vivek

Video Content Specialist

Bagath PK

Social Media Intern

Naveen Raj

Digital Marketing Manager

Anu Vivek

Video Content Specialist

Akku Azhar

Animated Content Creator

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