How to Create a Roadmap Towards Digital Transformation

In this new digital era, it has become essential for companies to have an online presence to reach their target audience. We can say that we are now living in a completely new reality created by the digital world. This is why businesses need to seek the help of the best digital marketing agency in Calicut to ensure a proper digital presence.

While the old ways of doing business are still in practice, building a strong online presence can help businesses to grow and attract more leads. It will also help your business to achieve its goals and explore new potential heights.

Digital transformation may be described as the gradual reshaping of your business through the incorporation of technology into it. This makes it more simple and faster for businesses to fulfill their objectives.

In this article, we will discuss in detail what digital transformation is and why it is important. Also, we will guide you through how you can create a digital transformation roadmap for your business.

Digital Transformation and its Importance

In simple terms, digital transformation can be explained as the process of how firms integrate technologies into every aspect of their operations to bring about major transformations.

The benefit of these transformations is numerous. For instance, better company agility, improved efficiency, and eventually the creation of new value for shareholders, consumers, and employees are some of them.

Digitalization and digitization are two important terms associated with digital transformation. Digitalization is the application of digital technologies to enhance business operations and initiatives such as training staff members to use new software platforms.

On the other hand, digitization refers to the conversion of physical data and information into digital forms such as when a photo or document is scanned and saved on a computer. A fresh perspective is necessary to begin the journey of digital transformation. It offers an opportunity to rethink how businesses operate, frequently from scratch.

By now, we hope you understand the importance digital transformation holds in a business. If you are confused about “how should I start?” or “where do I start?”, then don’t worry! Loony Heads, the best digital marketing agency in Calicut has got your back. In this article, we have prepared a digital transformation roadmap for you:

Examine Your Company’s Current Development Stage in Detail

Every transformation begins from the inside. And, digital transformation is no different. Before you bring huge changes to your business, you must take a good look at the internal as well as the external factors that affect its performance.

You can make use of various methods for evaluating the business such as STEEPLE (Social, Technical, Environmental, Economical, Political, Legal, Ethical) Analysis and the SWOT(Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) Analysis.

The process of digital transformation would be much easier if you employ these evaluation methods in your business. You should also get a clear idea about the pros and cons of your company along with a clear understanding of your business environment.

Establish a Clear Vision and Objectives

You would have probably evaluated the present situation of your business and determined which areas need improvement. It is now time to set a clear vision and goals that you wish to achieve in future.

Through the evaluation, it is possible to identify the weaknesses in the present operating system and other departments and develop plans to fix them digitally. Make sure to be clear about your goals and vision to everyone in your company.

Communicate! The transformation requires good teamwork from everyone in your company. The process will be smooth if everyone is more clear about their work responsibilities and objectives.

Do Not Rush, Start with Baby Steps

Instead of beginning with the bigger projects, it is always preferable to try to implement digital modifications to the smaller ones. By doing so, your company will be able to witness better results soon and a refined evaluation can be done. If you jump into implementing modifications to large-scale projects, it will take time to measure the effectiveness of digitization.

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Divide Your Digital Transformation Process into Stages

Do not attempt to implement the digital transformation process all at once. it is better to break the whole process into stages and then implement them. It would also be helpful for your employees to follow and adapt to these changes when it’s done in stages.

The first stage could be to digitise the time-consuming and repetitive jobs that employees perform daily. Then for the next phase, you can introduce the new changes that are now a part of the technology to your workforce. You should give them some time to adapt to these changes.

Add the Required Resources

Having the right amount of resources is always crucial for the smooth functioning of any company. To succeed in the digital transformation process, you need to make sure there are enough resources available.

Proper training should be provided to all the employees on how to control the new digital aspects of their job. And make sure there is proper infrastructure and necessary tools in place to carry out the new transformation. This will provide a fast and trouble-free transition for your business.

Obtain Feedback, Then Make Improvements

Last but not the least, make sure to obtain proper feedback from your employees, customers and stakeholders. Evaluate these reviews and check whether the transformation had a positive impact or not. If the results didn’t meet your certain expectations you can make necessary changes in the areas where you think needs improvement.


Digital transformation of your business can be a bit overwhelming, as it is a huge step towards change. If you find this process too much to handle, you can always seek help from the best digital marketing agency in Calicut to implement your business’s digital transformation smoothly and effectively.