A Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing

A study conducted on finding the average time a person spends on consuming content a day is said to be 6 hours and 59 minutes !! Yes, you read that right. We are surrounded by content. Whatever a person needs to know is just a few clicks and voilà!!

If you are a person who creates content for your business, you need to understand that there are tons and tons of content out there in the digital world and if you want to get noticed and be successful in achieving your goal you might want to understand What Content Marketing is, how to do it and why we need content marketing.


So, first of all, let us discuss what it is. Content marketing is a process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract targeted audiences and retain customers. Content marketing isn’t a fast process so, you really can’t expect an immediate result from it. But in the long run, contacting the best content marketing services Kerala will contribute to your business.

We can divide content marketing into two parts;

  • Creating content
  • Distributing / promoting content

While creating content make sure it is relevant and provides value to your audience. A great deal of the success of your content marketing depends on the quality of the content you provide to your audience.

The second stage is to distribute or promote the content to the right audience through various platforms such as search SEO, media networks, paid ads, forums and communities, Email newsletters etc.


Creating content and distributing it is not just enough, you need results. For that, you will need a clear content marketing strategy. First, you should have a clear idea about what you are trying to achieve through your content or what your strategic goal is. This is where you will need to seek the help of our content marketing services Kerala.

Secondly, you have to define your audience. Understand who your target audience is and how they behave online. And the next step would be finding the right topic for your audience and how you deliver it. Choose a topic that your audience is interested in. Try to clear their doubts and quarries through it. Keep them engaging and entertaining to a certain level. Your content can be any of the following forms:


 Blog posts are the most popular form of content. A blog is a website or a part of a website that provides regularly updated content about a particular topic. Blogs are considered to be a strong medium to grow and expand awareness about your business. so, as a business, you can focus on industry-related topics that provide information and value to your target audience. While writing content makes sure it’s of good quality. Adding images and other media content helps to engage the reader better with your content. Good quality content is a great tool for search engine optimization.


Nothing grabs attention like good video content. Videos help us to deliver a huge amount of information in a short time. Videos help you to build a good brand image for your business. While making video content, it is important to understand which platform our target audience is. Before we make the video content it is important to understand the platforms on which we are going to publish our content. There are various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc… where we can upload our content to our target audience. Always remember, a particular video content that performs well on one platform might not always perform well on another. 

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Sound allows the listeners to connect with the emotion behind the words. With their emerging popularity, podcasts are a great tool for content marketing. Podcasting can be referred to as a digital evolution of radio Broadcasting, that involves making one or more audio files that are released episodically, and can be downloaded through internet syndication and in mp3 format. Podcasting offers a concise and clear way for marketers and brands to communicate their value proposition to a captive audience.


An Infographic is a visual representation of any kind of text or information. Infographics creatively contain text and graphic elements to achieve various goals such as summarising complex information, making boring data and numbers look good and breaking down complex concepts. Compared to other forms of content they are easy to digest. You can even include infographics in the blog content you make. Making attractive yet simple infographics helps you to connect with your audience better than stuffing them with too much information. 

No matter what type of content you may choose, always remember to add a call to action (CTA) at the end of your content. If your audience is impressed with your content then you can turn them into a profitable customer.


Content plays an important role in influencing your Audience. Good quality content helps you gain your audience’s trust and you’ll also be able to retain them. Content marketing is much cheaper compared to other marketing techniques so it will also help you to save costs. 

 With high quality and consistent content, you will be able to bring impact on your audience’s decision making which will in turn help you to generate more and better leads and improve your conversation rates. Our content marketing services Kerala will develop a sound and solid content marketing plan that will improve your SEO performance making your business more visible to your target audience.